Why I’m Not Making Resolutions for 2022

For as long as I can remember, I would always spend the last few days of each year creating what I thought were fantastic new years resolutions. I was determined to accomplish all of my goals, and set big expectations for myself. Looking back, I can’t tell you one resolution that I actually accomplished. Not because I didn’t create smart goals, but because the expectations and pressure that I put on myself was too much; I essentially gave up. I recently heard a quote that went something like ‘motivation goes away, but self discipline is here to stay’. Cheesy, but it’s true. If huge new years resolutions are attainable for you, that’s great! I’m so proud of you for sticking to what you set out to do. But if you’re like the majority of the population, then keep reading.

This year, I’ve decided instead of creating huge resolutions, I’m going to create small habits for myself. These small habits – done over a long period of time – will help me achieve my larger goals (without seeming too daunting).

Small Habits for Health

For example, something I’ve wanted to do for a while is get back into a healthy lifestyle. I want to eat better and exercise more, with an end goal of losing weight. Instead of simply saying ‘I want to lose X amount of weight by this date’, I’m creating small habits that I can do each day to get me to my goal weight.

Some of the habits I’ve created to help me with my overall weight loss goal are:

– go for three walks each day (I didn’t set a time or distance limit, but I tend to make them 20-50 minutes each, reaching 10,000 steps per day)

– eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal

– move my body for 30+ minutes each day

Small Habits for Self Care

Another thing I wanted to do this year was to live a healthier lifestyle overall. For me, this means focusing on self care and spending less time on technology. Self care can mean something different to everyone. To me, it involves being more organized, prioritizing ‘me’ time, and spending less time on technology.

Some small habits that I have created for self care this year are:

– Wake up (and get out of bed) at 6:00am

– Make my bed daily

– Take my daily ritual vitamins each morning

– Do a quick tidy of my bedroom and kitchen each night before I go to bed

– Read each night before bed

– Get to sleep by 10:00pm each night

Each of these habits seems small, but I’ve already felt the benefit from doing them only seven days into the new year. I feel so much more productive and happy each day knowing that my space is clean and organized and that I am making time for things that are important to me.


Focusing on the small habits rather than the overall goal is much more manageable, and easier to celebrate the small wins. I have created a habit tracker (which you can get as a free download at the end of this post!) that I make sure I fill out at the end of each day. This allows me to continuously celebrate the small wins of doing all of my habits each day. If I continue to do each habit, I know it will allow me to accomplish my overall goal. Only a week into the new year, and I am already feeling the benefits of doing these small habits each day. I am more rested, more energized, and happier each day. I feel organized, tidy, and ready to take on the day.

I’d love to know what habits you’re implementing into your daily routines for 2022! What do you prefer: habits or New Years resolutions? Let’s have a discussion in the comment section below! Also don’t forget to download your habit tracker for free to get started on accomplishing your goals!


To access the habit tracker template to edit online, click HERE.

To download the habit tracker template as a PDF, click HERE.





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