What’s on my iPhone XS Max

Like most millennials, I spend a lot of time on my iPhone. Not only do I use it for entertainment, I use it for work. So it’s important to me that I keep it organized and laid out in such a manner that I’m able to easily find and access apps when needed. 

I currently have the iPhone XS Max, and I have no intentions of upgrading anytime soon. The thought of replacing my phone simply because Apple came out with the ‘latest and greatest’ model is repulsive to me. It’s sad to think about how many perfectly working pieces of technology end up in landfills each year because something ‘better’ came out to replace it. But that’s a rant for another time. 

iPhone Lock Screen

I tend to go back and forth between a neutral aesthetic wallpaper and one of my dogs. Right now, it’s set as this gorgeous, simple wallpaper with different shapes, neutral colours and a plant. I don’t like anything super distracting, so having a background collage of pictures isn’t for me.

iPhone Wallpaper - Kate MacDonald

First Page of my iPhone

I like to keep the first page of my iPhone uncluttered; only having the important apps that I use daily, along with a local weather app and my to do list. I love having the to do list front and centre so it’s easy to access. Having it on the first page allows it to act as a constant reminder when I turn on my phone. 

For my to do list, I have two separate lists I alternate back and forth between. My regular to do list that I follow from Monday until Saturday. On Sunday, I use my “GYST” list (‘Get Your Sh*t Together’ list). This is my weekly chore list that I like to get done on Sunday because it sets me up with a fresh start for the new week ahead. 

For my GYST list, because you can’t add categories for different tasks (at least not that I’ve figured out; if you know how, please let me know!), I separate the categories using emojis.

🛏 – bedroom chores

🛁 – bathroom chores

🖥 – office chores

🥦 – kitchen chores

👟 – hallway chores

🧺 – laundry chores

🛋 – living room chores

✔️ – miscellaneous chores

Using the emojis is a great way to separate everything by room, which for me, makes completing the chores for each room easier.

Iphone Dock

The dock at the bottom of my iPhone holds my most used apps. I keep the typical phone, text and email apps there. I also have a folder of apps that I reach for multiple times per day. Some of these apps include:

– Cozi: my daily planner

– Vaccine card: I used the shortcut app to create a direct link to my vaccination card incase it is needed

– Daylio: a quick mood check in app that I use each night

– Ava: the app that connects to my Ava fertility bracelet to sync the data

iPhone First Page - Kate MacDonald


Second Page of my iPhone

I don’t like to have too many pages on my iPhone, so the second page is the last. It’s where I keep most of my apps, categorized by usage.

The second page is where I keep my MoonX and screen time widgets. Although I have decided to not be on my phone while in bed (early morning or evening before bed), I still find myself on it a lot. I like to keep the screen time widget where I can see it to keep myself accountable for staying off it as much as possible. Today it seems really high, but only because I had YouTube videos playing while I was completing my GYST list.

Main Apps Folder

In this folder I keep the main apps that come on the iPhone that I use often.

Photo Editing Folder

This is one of my most used folders. I store apps that I use for photo editing, as well as my canon connect app. Lightroom is what I use to edit all of my photos. ReTouch is one of my most used apps of all time. It’s like the basic version of PhotoShop that is much easier to use, and iPhone friendly.

Entertainment Folder

I don’t tend to watch a lot of television shows or movies on my phone, but I keep the apps here just incase. They’re good for when I’m travelling (but realistically, when is that happening now?). The main ones I use are Disney Plus, Netflix and Bell TV.

Other Folder

This is the home of my miscellaneous apps, where I don’t quite know where to put them. The main ones I use in here are the Hatch Sleep app and the littlelf smart app for my home security camera to watch my dogs when I’m at work.

Bank + Bills Folder

This one I think is pretty self-explanatory. I keep my banking apps that I use most often, as well as my Bell app for my phone bills. Also in this folder is an app called ‘Stocard’ which I highly recommend for storing loyalty cards. I use a small card holder instead of a regular wallet, so there is no room for carrying all of the store loyalty cards. Stocard allows you to scan the cards into the app, and you can just use your phone to scan the cards at the store.

Apple Apps Folder

This folder has the apps that came with the iPhone. I don’t ever really use these, but I’m sure that if I delete them, I’ll end up needing it. So I keep them there as a ‘just incase’ folder.

PC + Food Folder

In this folder I keep all my President’s Choice apps, as well as my Walmart grocery pickup app. I tend to only use PC for grocery pickup, but I have a Walmart gift card that I’m making my way through for groceries.

Health Folder

This folder houses all of my health apps. I keep everything from the health app that comes with the iPhone to online medical appointment apps. There is a mix of things in here, but I tend to use them all occasionally.

Socials Folder

This is probably my most used folder (unfortunately). It contains all my social media apps. I tend to use this daily.

Read + Listen Folder

This is my second most used folder. I store all of my reading apps in here, as well as music and podcast apps.



If you want a copy of the wallpaper, you can download it below.

iPhone Wallpaper


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