Skincare Routine in my Late 20’s

I’ve never really thought of myself as a ‘skincare junkie’, but I have tried my fair share of products over the years. I have tried high end products, drugstore, and everything in between. But I haven’t ever fell in love with any of the products… until now. I have combination skin that is super sensitive to just about everything I put on it. Even products that feel super smooth and refreshing on my skin tend to turn my face the same shade as a ripe tomato.

A few months ago I was searching for natural skincare products without the use of harsh ingredients. On top of this, I wanted them to be small batch made in Canada, free of synthetic fragrance and low waste. After looking for several weeks with no luck, I come across an Instagram page for a brand in Toronto. They create small batch natural skincare products with essential oils. They had also just released a low waste line of products. With this line, all the products are packaged in beautiful glass bottles with reusable pumps. To say I feel like I hit the jackpot is an understatement.

Hello, Wildcraft skincare. 👋🏻

Wildcraft Skincare

After thoroughly stalking their Instagram page, I knew they were a brand that I had to try. After looking through photos of their small batches, inclusivity and diversity, and a full on Hygge theme, I placed my first order of samples. I think this is an incredible option every brand should offer. For $15CAD, I was able to receive a sample package of products to try to ensure they worked on my skin before purchasing full size bottles. It cuts down on waste significantly. How many times have you purchased products, only later to find out they don’t work for your skin type? For me, it’s more times than I can count.

I only had to use the samples once before ordering the full size products, and I haven’t looked back since.

Skincare Routine

Something I appreciated that they offer is the ‘build a routine’ section of their website. If you haven’t used specific products before, it’s hard to know what will work for your skin type. Wildcraft offers routines for each skin type. I chose to follow the combination routine, only switching out their oil cleaner for their cream cleanser.


Wildcraft’s cream cleanser is a dream for my skin. Non-drying, super creamy, yet you feel fresh and clean after washing it away. Something my skin doesn’t like is the ‘squeaky clean’ that so many soaps and cleansers leave behind. This cleanser is the opposite of that feeling.


I follow the cleanser with a few spritz of the clarify toner. The clarify toner leaves my skin feeling super refreshed and plump without the typical burning sensation of so many other toners I have tried. This one soothes my skin, and leaves it feeling soft and supple.


Before the toner dries completely, I apply two drops of the refine face serum. Although it’s an oil, my face doesn’t feel greasy after applying; my skin drinks it right in. It dries to a semi-matte finish on my skin, leaving a beautiful glow.


Finally, I finish with 1-2 pumps of the calm face lotion. At first, I was worried it wasn’t thick enough to give my skin the moisture it needed. Especially in these hard, Canadian winters. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Those few pumps of moisturizer leave my skin feeling hydrated, and ready to take on any weather that winter throws at it. No more dry patches, here!


The last product I purchased was the all purpose salve. I didn’t have a specific purpose for this in mind, but their website mentions eczema, so I thought I would keep it on hand for any flare ups. To say this may be the most underrated product I own would be an understatement. I was sick with a head cold over the holidays. Without exposing you to all of the details, I was blowing my nose – a lot. The skin around my nose got so dry and cracked that it actually stung. After regular lotion didn’t work to soothe my pain, I decided to give this a shot. Not only did it take the pain away instantaneously, it cleared up the cracked skin overnight. The salve is now a staple, and I always have it on hand.


Skincare Products Mentioned

Cream cleanser

Clarify toner

Refine face serum

Calm face lotion

All purpose salve

Combination skin sample kit


* This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Wildcraft Skincare, and all opinions are my own. 


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