I Tried Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA

For years, I’ve been seeing ads on television for different genetic testing companies that claim they can tell you more about you than you know yourself. Several months ago, Ancestry DNA was having a sale on their kits, and I decided to try one out for myself. I will be honest when I say although I was hopeful that part of my analysis might be correct, I didn’t have much faith in the DNA testing kit.

Shipping was quite quick to receive the initial package. Inside the package, there was a return box with shipping prepaid, a vile to collect your saliva, a collection bag, and an instruction sheet. It took less than two minutes to complete, and then send off again.

I took Ancestry DNA approximately six weeks to analyze my DNA; and for an impatient person, this was a long wait.

Family History

I’ve only ever known my genetic history from one side of my family. I was curious to see if the other half of me came from somewhere completely different than what I had been told my whole life. Upon opening the email, it clearly stated that my DNA was Scottish and Irish. However, I didn’t know that more of my ancestors came from England and surrounding areas than Scotland! I really like how Ancestry DNA breaks down each section in percentages and locations – it makes it much easier to understand.

Although small percentages, Ancestry DNA claims that I have ancestors from Germanic Europe and Sweden. Although growing up I never had any interest in my heritage, it is interesting to know where my family came from!

Possible Relatives

The part of Ancestry DNA that I am most enthralled with is my potential relatives. Ancestry DNA has matched several people to my profile in the form of second, third and fourth cousins. My first glance through the list didn’t show any names that I knew, or have even heard of. However, with a better read though, one name stuck out to me in particular; I know for a fact that she is a cousin of my fathers, therefore, linking her to me. Based off one name being right, I assume at least a handful of the others are as well. It’s fascinating to me to see how many relatives I have that I have never heard of before!

Have you ever submitted your DNA to be analyzed? What were your results? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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