15 Healthy Ways to Treat Yourself

With more than half of 2018 complete, some of you may be feeling run down. It’s time to take some time to yourself to relax.  So many of us reward ourselves with food or retail therapy (or both), and it can be self destructive. There are many ways to make ourselves feel good, but without harming our bodies, or our wallets. Here are 15 ways to treat or reward yourself without spending any money or consuming any food!

Reread your favourite book.

We all have that one book that we’ve read that doesn’t compare to any other book. One that we could read again and again and it would still keep it’s magic. If you’re looking for a new book, check out your local library – they’ve got tons of books, and they’re free to borrow!

Treat yourself to a mani/pedi.

I guarantee, if you take your time at this yours will look just as good as one you get done at a salon. Start by soaking your hands/feet to soften them, then file the nail to the shape you want, remove the grown out cuticles and apply your favourite polish. Quick tip: if you want the polish to dry quicker submerge the painted nails in ice cold water – it’s a little uncomfortable at first, but it works!

Take a day off from work for no reason.

Call it a mental health day if you will. Use this day to do nothing – no laundry, no housework, no chores. Relax. Do things that make you happy. 

Have a Netflix marathon.

If you have a Netflix account, there’s tons of shows and movies on here. Find a new show and binge watch it. Cry over your favourite chick-flick. If you don’t have Netflix, no worries – Kodi is an app you can download that you can stream anything you can imagine.. for free! YouTube also has an assortment of free movies and shows.

Visit + volunteer at an animal shelter.

There’s nothing more calming then petting a dog (or cat). Go visit your local shelter and take a dog for a walk. Cuddle a cat. Help clean out the cages. Offer to assist in anything else they need done. It technically is work, but you’ll feel good doing it.

Take a walk… without your phone.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds, I promise. It feels good to get out of the house without technology. People call it ‘powering down’, but I like to call it powering up your body. We’re all too attached to our phones (myself included) – try taking a break, even it’s a quick one.

Do a DIY face mask.

A quick search on Google or Pinterest will leave you with a multitude of recipes for at home face masks. These are much better for than store bought masks – you know exactly what is in them, and you know that they’re fresh.

Go for a bike ride.

If you don’t own a bike, most cities have free ones you can rent for a few hours. Go ride along by the ocean or through a park. Go explore a new part of town. Not only is it great exercise, it’s fresh air – and this will do you more good than you realize.

Take time to do your hair and makeup.

So many of us rush to get ready in the morning’s for school or work. A quick shower, sometimes drying our hair, and minimal makeup. Wake up 30 minutes earlier one morning and leave time for what makes you feel good.

Shave your legs and go to bed with fresh sheets.

I cannot tell you how good this feels. Take time in the shower to shave your legs with a brand new razor, apply some of your favourite moisturizer, then climb into bed with fresh sheets and prepare for a wonderful night’s sleep. Trust me on this one.

Go to bed early.

Think about what time you go to bed on any given night. Are you getting enough sleep? Try getting to bed before 11am (no, this doesn’t make you ‘old’), and see how much better you’ll feel in the morning. We’re not meant to go to bed at 4am and wake up at noon.

Visit a free museum.

Most cities have at least one free museum that you can explore. Take a rainy afternoon and explore it with a friend. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn.

Go for a walk near the water.

There’s nothing more relaxing than being near water – especially the ocean. Grab your dog or a friend and go for a walk along the beach or lakeside. Bring a little picnic with you – turn it into a fun afternoon.

Self pleasure.

I’m sure you know what I’m getting at here.

Watch a YouTube makeup tutorial and experiment with what you have.

Take the time to learn how to do a smokey eye or to contour your face properly. Use products that you already have and find a tutorial on how to use them to create different looks.


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